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SnowEx SP1075 Spreader 10.75 Cu Ft

Part Number: SP1075


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- Weight- (Empty)- 141 lbs.
- Length- 21"
- Width- 52"
- Height- 40"
- Capacity- 10.75 Cu FT.
- Spreading Width- Up to 40 ft.
- Bagged Rock Salt Material/ Pelletized material
- (
With GAK-020 Gate Assembly Kit)
- Digital, Self-Diagnosing Variable Speed Controller
- Wiring harness- Completely Loomed Automotive-Style,
Non-Combustable with Molded Plugs
- Powder Coated Steel Frame
- One-piece LLDPE Saftey Yellow Poly Hopper
- Uses a 3" Vertical High-Flow Auger
- 12-Volt DC Direct Drive Motor 
(Mounted in Weater Resistant Enclosure)
- 10" Nylon/Glass reinforced resin Spinner
- Pivot, Receiver or 3-Point Mopunt Optional

This spreader has 3 mounting options:

1)  Permanent Mount - Bolts directly the the step bumper with top support braces. Standard with Spreader.

2)  Pivot Mount - This pivot mount allows the spreader to swing out fully exposing the bed of the truck for easy loading of salt bags or snowblowers. (Caution - you can NOT swing the spreader with salt in it)  Order P/N: PMT175   or a PMT175C for newer GMs.

3)  2"  Receiver Mount - This mount allows a quick on and off capability.  It is recommended that two people take the unit on or off. Order P/N:RHT185- Polyethylene Hopper- Eliminates Corrosion
- Patented 12-Volt electric Drive/Transmission sealed unit
- Non-Corrosive composite spinner
- Top Screen Standard (SP-575 & SP-1075)
- Low Maintenance- No Pulleys, Sprockets, Chains, or Belts
- 2 year Factory Warranty


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