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0.5 Cubic Yard Poly Hopper Spreaders for UTVs and Pickups

POLY-CASTER™ LT Spreader Features


The POLY-CASTER LT Hopper Spreader provides the features that professionals demand.

•             Designed for spreading all types of de-icing materials

•             Rust-proof 0.5 cubic yard polyethylene hopper, with coated steel frame

•             Independently controlled 3” diameter auger feed system and a 12” steel spinner

•             5/16” coated steel rod top screen to break up incoming material

•             Inverted V to break up any large chunks

•             12V vibrator to keep material flowing evenly

•             Fitted tarp cover to keep material dry and free flowing

•             Positive-lock, bolt down bed mount for secure installation


The dual electric motors and variable-speed control of the POLY-CASTER™ LT Spreader provides independent control over rate of delivery and spread pattern for optimal ice control coverage with minimal waste.

·         One motor powers the auger for rate of material flow

·         The other controls spinner speed and spread pattern

·         Electric motors provide reliable startup, and quiet low-maintenance operation

- See more at: http://www.fisherplows.com/fe/showroom/poly-caster-lt#sthash.COe31hYE.dpuf


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