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Fisher 9.0' HD X-Blade Stainless Snowplow - X Series (MM2)

Part Number: FXB9.0SS


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Fisher 9' X-Blade Stainless Snow Plow - (X) Series

Not for Amateurs

Your equipment has to live up to the challenge your customers demand. That’s why pros like you choose the XBLADE™. With exclusive X-Bracing and premium stainless steel moldboard, you simply can’t find a commercial snow plow built tougher than this.

Standard Features:

  • True Fleet Interchangeability - "One Truck. One Control. Any Plow." - With the new Fisher FLEETFLEX Electrical System, you have true fleet interchangeability. Unlike other manufacturers who require a different control for operating either a straight blade or a V-plow, the Fisher FLEETFLEX system lets you operate all plows using ONE CONTROL.
  • SECURITY GUARD™ Anti-Theft System X-BRACING - Exclusive X-BRACING features two vertical and eight diagonal ribs – unsurpassed in the industry – for providing superior torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate moldboard stress.
  • Attack Angle & Curl - The XBLADE features an extreme 75 degree attack angle – more aggressive than any other straight blade – for exceptional ice breaking and scraping. The blade curls to a full 10” overhang for optimum snow rolling and foiling action, to keep snow off the windshield.
  • Double Angle Base Angle - The extreme double angle base angle design provides superior strength and rigidity to eliminate stress on the blade.
  • Chain Lift System
  • Fast & Durable Hydraulics
  • Trip-Edge Design
  • Minute Mount® 2 System
  • STORM GUARD™ Baked-On Powder Coat

Ideal for:

  • Designed for ¾- and 1-ton four-wheel drive trucks, as well as today’s 15,000 GVW Super Duty vehicles.


Blade Width (Straight) 108"
Blade Height 31"
Material Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness 12 Gauge
Angle Cylinders 1 1/2" x 12"
Lift Cylinder 1 1/2" x 10"
Plowing Width @ Angle 95"
Reinforcement Ribs 10
Trip Springs (Moldboard) 4
Trip Style Trip-Edge
Cutting Edge Optional: Steel 1/2"
Plow Weight* 835 lb
Deflector Optional (Click HERE for more info)
Plow Shoes Optional Curb Guard/Shoe Kit (Click HERE for more info)
*Plow weight does not include vehicle mount weight. Vehicle mount weight approx: 60 lb (28kg).

Please Note:
 Everything needed to install and operate your new plow is included, except plow oil. However, Fisher snowplows do not utilize a cutting edge from the factory, as they are meant to wear the bottom base angle. We recommend the purchase of an OPTIONAL cutting edge, as this will save the cost of replacing a complete base angle when it is worn. The difference between replacing a cutting edge versus an entire base angle could mean hundreds of dollars. Save 10% on the purchase of a cutting edge for your new Fisher plow, if purchased at the time of your plow order and it will save you much more in the long run. To ensure the longevity of your new plow, use only quality plow oils which can be found Here!

Helpful Links: The following links will direct you to Optional Accessories that will compliment your new plow.

Save 10%  on any of the following options, if purchased at the time of your plow order.  Only valid at time of purchase, must be mentioned when ordering.

Snow Deflector Kits

Emergency Repair Kits

Curb Guards

Plow Wing Extensions

Snowplow Oils

Plow Carts

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