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Fisher 6.8' Homesteader Snowplow

Part Number: FHS6.8

List Price: $4,673.00

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Fisher 6.8' Homesteader Personal Snow Plow

Standard Features:

  • Easy On/Off - Attaching your Homesteader Personal Plow is simple. Either drive into the attachment arms on the snow plow or slide the Homesteader snow plow into the receiver brackets on your vehicle. Then connect two pins, remove two jacks, and plug in the electrical connectors.
  • Hand-Held Control - With the convenient hand-held control you can raise, lower and angle the plow from the comfort of your warm vehicle, just like the pros. A compact, dash mounted joystick is also available.
  • Removable Brackets - The receiver brackets on your vehicle are removable, by simply pulling the pins, for optimum ground clearance when you’re not plowing.
  • Lightweight - The Homesteader Personal Plow meets all federal standards and manufacturing weight ratings for your vehicle.
  • Poly Blade - Durable polyethylene blade will not crack, and never needs painting. Even heavy wet snow rolls right off its slick surface. The Homesteader Personal Plow is available in two sizes - 6'8" and 7'4".
  • Hydraulic Scrape Lock - The exclusive Scrape Lock feature hydraulically locks the blade down for cleaner scraping and back dragging performance. And the fast hydraulics allow you to change the blade position quickly and easily for efficient plowing.
  • Trip Action - Heavy duty elastomer trip springs allow the blade to trip forward when it strikes an obstacle, just like the big blades, to protect your snow plow and your vehicle from any jarring damage.
  • STORM GUARD Powder Coated Framework - Get the industry’s best protection against wear and rust. All metal parts are protected by the STORM GUARD powder coating process. Our automated climate-controlled powder booth ensures uniform coverage to all surfaces. We’ve added a new epoxy primer to further enhance powder coat adhesion and improve corrosion resistance.


Blade Width (Straight) 80" 
Blade Height 21"
Material Polyethylene
Blade Thickness Not Listed
Angle Cylinders 1" x 7"
Lift Cylinder 1 1/2" x 6" - Double Acting
Plowing Width @ Angle 70"
Reinforcement Ribs 4
Trip Springs (Moldboard) 2 (Heavy-Duty Elastomer)
Trip Style Full Moldboard
Cutting Edge 1/4" x 5"
Plow Weight* 250 lb
Deflector N/A
Plow Shoes Poly (Click HERE for more info)
*Plow weight is an estimate for a complete unit, including vehicle mounting.

Please Note:
 Everything needed to install and operate your new plow is included, except plow oil. To ensure the longevity of your new plow, use only quality plow oils which can be found Here!

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