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Fisher HD Series Straight Blade Snowplows

Plowing snow for a living is one of the toughest businesses you can be in. The snowplow you choose must be strong enough to take a real beating. You can’t go up against brutal winter weather with unproven, lightweight equipment. Built for the business of snowplowing, the rugged Fisher HD Series Snowplows will withstand the rigors of any and all commercial applications. These popular 7'6", 8', 8'6" and 9' plows are the choice of the plowing professional. Designed for 3/4 and 1 ton four-wheel drive trucks, as well as today’s new 15,000 GVW “Super Duty” vehicles, these blades are 29" high and built with heavy 11 gauge steel. The trip-edge is backed with 2 reinforced wear bars at the bottom to increase wear resistance.

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