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Meyer Face-Lift Program

Introducing the Meyer® Face-Lift Program

With Meyer’s innovative new plow designs, it’s easy and affordable to upgrade from a Classic Meyer Plow to an all-new Meyer Pro-Series moldboard for about HALF THE PRICE.

Select the mount system which currently resides on your vehicle below. Then you will be able to choose from Meyer Drive Pro, Lot Pro, or Diamond Edge upgrade moldboards.

Here’s how the Face-Lift Program works:

  - Keep your current mount, hydraulic unit, controller and lights
- Purchase a new Meyer Pro Series moldboard and PAF which
provides better performance with improved snow rolling action and
aggressive attack angles

- Select the accessories you may want to add to your new plow
including wings, curb guards or deflectors

- Receive the benefit of Meyer’s exclusive 3/5-year ROC warranty,
the best in the business

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