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Pierce 2 Ton Dump Kit (Ford 1999 -2011 Long Bed)

Part Number: P046-UFLBK

List Price: $1,625.00

CPW Price: $1,299.99

These dump kits include cross members, hardware for mounting scissor, cylinder, bed hinges, 12 volt hydraulic pump, tank, hydraulic fittings, switches, electrical connections, wires and hydraulic hoses.

Unload Firewood, Rock, Sand, Gravel,  Wood Chips and etc. at a flip of a switch This is an easy bolt on kit which includes everything needed to convert your truck.

The bed is raised by a 12 volt hydraulic pump with a built in reservoir. This bolt on Kit requires minor welding  when connecting  the bumper to rear hinges.

The truck bed remains the same height and goes undetected when installed properly. This kit is easily swapped from one truck to the next. Load capacity on this kit is 4000 lbs. The color of the unit and parts may vary.

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