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Many dump hoist kit owners find themselves at a loss when it comes to installing the dump kit. This can be frustrating especially when your livelihood depends on it.

If you choose not to do the dump kit installation yourself, we have found two types of businesses that typically have the expertise required to install the Pierce hydraulic dump kit. Take a look at the options:

  • Body shop
  • Machine shop/welder


Wondering how to find a professional and reputable body or machine shop? The key is a little research. Below we have done a bit of the foot work for you. While the following criteria does not guarantee a positive experience it can help identify shops with experience and a history of good work.

Body Shop - Criteria

1. Certifications - Is the shop is certified by one or more of the following?


2. Insurance - Does the shop carry the following insurance?

  • Garage Liability
  • Garagekeepers


 There are many resources for best practices when choosing the right body shop you can check out our favorites here: Angie's list "Advice on finding a reputable body auto body shop" and The ASE "How to choose the right body shop"

Machine Shop - Criteria

Unlike body shops machine shops and fabricators often specialize in many different areas of business from construction, to car and trailer body welders to artists. Find one in your area by following these guidelines:

1. Research - Google is your best bet when looking for a local welder or fabricator with experience. Search keywords along with your location to find one near you.

2. Reputation - Speak to colleagues and friends for recommendations.

Whether you choose to DIY dump kit installation or hire someone else Pierce offers complete instructions (download them here) and numerous videos to assist.


Considering a dump kit? Already own one and need more information? Check out Top 12 Dump Kit FAQs:




Q. Which dump kit will fit my truck?Choosing your dump kit requires that you know information such as the make, model and year of your truck. You can read our "Which dump kit will fit my truck" article to determine whether the 2, 5, or 7.5 ton kit is best for you.

 Q. Will I have to raise my bed? With the 2T kit raising your bed is unnecesary. With the 5 and 7.5T kits you will be using a flat bed or dump bed and this requires raising your bed 2.5 to 3 inches depending on the truck. 

Q. How much welding/cutting is involved? With the 2T kit, minimal welding is required. The hinges are welded and the rest of the installation process is bolt on. With the 5 and 7.5T kits, 70% of the installation requires welding and the remainder is bolt on.

Q. Do you have an install shop in my area? Pierce does not currently license installers. The dump kit comes with instructions and we provide instructional videos here. Please note: the 5 and 7.5T kit will require some welding skills. We have found some best practices when choosing someone to install the dump kit. Click to read "Who can install your dump kit." 

Q. Do I have to have overhang? You do not have to have overhang, but mounting the rear hinges is much easier when you have at least 6 inches of overhang. Also, REMEMBER less overhang = less capacity. The suggested overhangs in the manual are necessary to achieve the specified capacity. Visit the 5T and 7.5T overhang table here. 

Q. How much overhang do I need? The amount of overhang you choose directly affects your capacity. Refer to the chart in the manual for further information. 

Q. How long is the install time? With experience a dump kit installation typically takes 12 to 16 hours. If this is your first time, expect to spend at least 16 to 24 hours of work to complete your dump kit conversion.

Q. Can I pull a trailer with the dump kit? A gooseneck trailer SHOULD NOTbe pulled with a truck that has a converted dump bed.

A bumper pulled trailer can be used; however, you will want to pin the front of the bed down (this is not currently supplied with the kit) with a Pierce twist lock plunger with threads works great for this. You can also find the weldable twist lock here

NOTE:  On the 2T kit you will have to both drop down and deepen the receiver 2 - 3 inches towards the cab.

Q. Can I shorten the hinge pieces? Yes, the pieces are made extra long for a universal application. Be sure you do not cut into the brace of the hinge as this will compromise the integrity of the hinges.

Q. How do I relocate the fuel filler neck? The 2T kit comes with a fuel kit - a 90° elbow to redirect the fuel line (which is optional) and a fuel bracket that bolts to the side of the frame. You must ensure a downhill flow to avoid fuel spillage during fueling. 

Q. Where do I mount the pump? You can mount the pump at any location you desire as long as it is clear of any moving parts. Most installations have the pump mounted to the side of the frame behind the truck cab. Some people have even mounted it inside the cab.

Q. Which way does my scissor need to run on the truck? The cross member should be closest to the cab and the scissor should run to the rear of the truck.


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