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SnowEx Snowplows Now Have Down Force Pressure 

So it looks like SnowEx is once again stepping up their game by adding down force to all of their truck plows. This is big news because until now Snoway plows held the patent on down force which gave them exclusive rights to down pressure and provided much of their success in the snowplow industry over the years, but after 20 years their patent has recently expired and Snowex was waiting patiently in the wings. Below is a brief overview of the new ScrapeMaxx upgrade.

  • Active Down Force – When plowing over dips and inclines the blade has the ability to rise through pressure relief and reactivate down force automatically to maintain contact with pavement. With the kit installed, the plow still has the ability for one-touch float, which allows the blade to ride with the contours of the pavement without down force.
  • Accessory – The ScrapeMaxx kit is not a standard part of the SnowEx snowplow package but can be added at any time to any Automatixx plow.
  • Existing Equipment – Instead of a making the ScrapeMaxx kit $200-300 to upgrade the wiring, controller, and module, SnowEx decided to keep it simple. With no need to buy a new controller or plow module you can upgrade and add down force to your SnowEx for just $125, which is relatively inexpensive.
  • Easy Install – With no extra wiring to add the install takes only about 10-15 minutes. All you need to do is add the pressure switch to the hydraulic manifold and press a series of buttons on the existing controller to activate the ScraeMaxx function.
  • All plows – Another great feature of the new ScrapeMaxx down force kit is that it is available on all the SnowEx plows with the AutoMatixx mounting style. Sometimes upgrade kits are not available for the lighter duty plows, but not this time.
  • Backdragging, Scrapping, Non-commercial – This is really good news for anyone with a light duty or regular duty SnowEx plow because the added down force with make these lighter plows work harder similar to the heavy duty plows. In addition, your backdragging and scraping abilities will greatly increase with this upgrade.
  • Affordable – At only $125 for all plows, the ScrapeMaxx Down Force kit is economically priced to fit all budgets.
  • Warranty – Adding the ScrapeMaxx kit does not change your warranty whatsoever. You will still have the standard two-year warranty if you choose to add the kit.
  • Exclusive – The SnowEx ScrapeMaxx kit is exclusive to Snowex plows with the Automatixx mounting system. Western, Fisher, or Blizzard plows cannot add the ScraeMaxx kit.
  • Preset pressure switch – The pressure switches are preset at the optimal level so no adjusting is required.

These upgrade kits are available to pre-order now and will begin shipping in October. SnowEx also introduced a chain lift emergency system. With this accessory if you bust a hydraulic hose you can use this to short-chain your plow instead of using ratchet straps.

You can purchase the ScrapeMaxx upgrade kit here:

HDV plows – 84853

All Other SnowEx Plows - 84854

Chain Emergency Kit - 84787 

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