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With In-telligent you'll be informed on a real-time basis on your selected community's announcements and alerts. Not only does In-telligent keep you informed, but it also enables you to communicate with your community's management team quickly, simply, and efficiently. Originally, In-Telligent was designed specifically for emergency situations to keep community members safe, however it has also now become an exclusive way to keep in touch with your favorite brands too! 

How the In-telligent app works:  
  • Imagine that you're flying to Vegas, but you're running late getting to the airport late. Your airline might send you a notification that "all flights are delayed" because of a suspecious package. Now let's say you've made it to Vegas and you're staying at the Caesars Palace. You might receive a notice when you arrive that "Today only is 50% off " at Mr Chow's restaurant. Or that you can get a special discount on your room with code "In-Telligent 
  • Basically, In-telligent lets you stay informed with the places and things you care about most and saves you time and stress in the process. 
Benefits of downloaded the CPW app through In-Telligent: 
  • Get exclusive "app only" deals, local weather updates, important news and access to VIP contest and content.
  • Add other communities that are important to you (i.e. Your favorite sports team, your child's school, your church or synagogue, and even travel destinations) 
  • Keep you and your family safe by always being aware of what's happening in your selected communities. 


(1)             Once downloaded, launch the App by clicking on the “Open” button

(2)             Enter your Name

(3)             Enter your Email address that you want In-telligent to use to create a user account for you

(4)             Select your Age category

(5)             Select your Gender category

(6)             Enter your Zip Code

(7)             Press the “Next” button

(8)             Enter a password that you will be able to remember when prompted in the future

(9)             Re-enter the same password to confirm your input

(10)           Enter “Central Parts Warehouse” in the text box and hit search

(11)           Select the “Central Parts Warehouse”

(12)           Search for other communities that might be important to you. 


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