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Meyer - Standard Operating Video




Now if you are not a Meyer person I know what you’re thinking…yeah right my next plow will be a Meyer, but don’t speak too soon.

Meyer Products, the company that revolutionized the snowplow industry is now revolutionizing the industry again. Meyer has managed to stay relevant in the snowplow industry for a long time, since 1926 to be exact, and as the original plow, you’ll still see tons of yellow iron scattered across America from the garages and alleys of major cities to the tucked away pole barns down many of country roads.

Last year Meyer and Swenson we’re acquired by the ASH Group and it seems they are already making strides to make Meyer a top choice for contractors. Meyer unveiled a few of their new stuff at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

The Start Of A New Era

First, Meyer welcomed the ASH Group's flagship brand to North America, Schmidt, makers of premium snow and ice control equipment. As Europe's leading brand, Schmidt offers heavy-duty equipment with high-technology features that will appeal to the municipal and airport sectors. Featured at the show were the Schmidt Tarron™ sectional highway plow and the Stratos™combination spreader.  

A Plow System That Will Revolutionize The Industry

The all-new patented Standard Operating System™ will make buying for your fleet of trucks simple as pie. Meyer cut down the amount of electrical connections on a plow install from about 30 to just six and no more removing truck headlights or tapping into the vehicle’s electrical system, and no need for adaptors or modules. That’s right no headlight adapters!

Additionally, this new operating system features greater ground clearance which everyone wants, has a streamlined appearance, and comes standard with Meyer’s newest lighting kit the Nite Saber III lights. This innovation is sure to catch on and you’ll see more brands trying to reduce their wiring in the future.

What this change really means to me is Meyer is trying hard to regain its dominance in the plow industry again. I guess when you started the industry you won’t just leave quietly into the night.

Power Box Plow™

Meyer’s first pusher/box plow is definitely something special. This telescoping containment plow automatically extends from 8’ to 12’ at the touch of a button, so it’s perfect for narrow areas and open lots. The Meyer Power Box collapses for easy transport, and it also flips over for more effective back-dragging of snow, mud, manure or whatever dirty job you have to tackle.

Maybe the best feature of the Meyer Power Plow is the standard universal plate system that will easily attaches to tractors, skid steers and wheel loaders. Having the ability to switch your pusher between all of your equipment is almost invaluable. The Power Box also features Ground Tracking Technology™ to follow uneven contours to clean off more snow. Seeing this beastly looking plow in person I believe contractors will like the versatility and ruggedness of this unit.

The Standard Operating System and Power Box Plow will be available for pre-season ordering staring in April.  

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