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2/15/2016 Dan Ellington | Category: Industry News | 9101 Views | 0 Comments |


The new Snowex plows (old blizzard plows) hit the scene this season and overall they have been selling pretty well, but that should be no surprise to any snowplow aficionado.  

First, Snowex is made by Douglas Dynamics, the makers of Western and Fisher so you know the plows are designed well. My question is why did Douglas drop the blizzard brand, which already had a somewhat significant following, to promote Snowex, which before primarily focused on ice control, besides their other brands TurfEx and SweepEx?

Now of course nobody could possible know why Douglas decided to make Snowex the next premium brand opposed to Blizzard, but I have a few theories.

In general, Fisher plows were specifically made to handle Nor’easters with their heavy, wet snow that can last for days. Western plows were designed to handle the more fluffy snow seen in the Midwest and upper Plains. That leaves Snowex, but what region is left to target? Boss country perhaps?

Mounting System:

(SNOWEX)  Snowex wins the contest of mounts. The Snowex plows and mounts sit higher than the Boss plows, which allows for better stacking and provide better clearance to prevent bottoming out.  This is a real advantage for smaller vehicles like jeeps.

Ease of Mounting:

(TIED) Snowex and Boss both have a hydraulic lift system rather than a chain system. They also both have a quick-hitch upper lift frame toggle switch what Boss calls the SmartHitch system and what Snowex calls the Automatixx. With both of these systems, the operator does not have to physically push the upper lift frame to lock the plow in place.  

Plows Offered:

(BOSS) Currently Boss has a wider selection of plows and most importantly, they have a v-plow that Snowex does not have. V-plows are what everyone seems to want nowadays so I’m sure Snowex will eventually bring one to the table, but as of now nothing. Snowex did have the advantage in expandable plow with their version of the Wideout/XLS the Powerplow, but since pictures surfaced a few weeks ago of the Boss EXT plow, Snowex may only have this advantage for another month or so.


(SNOWEX) Snowex wins in versatility because you can use a Western Fleetflex plowside with a Snowex truckside if you swap the receiver pockets and the controller. Obviously this is not the ideal situation but if your truck was to catch fire or your plow was damaged it is good to know you have options.


(BOSS): wins with the marketing battle decisively. The marketing materials and advertisements from Boss are usually timely, creative, and inspiring. They have a great understand of what their customer desire and they provide just that. They do great on social media and usually always keep their technical line open during big snowstorms. Snowex on the other hand is not as effective on social media and although their marketing is adequate, I would not call it inspiring.


(BOSS): Initially I thought this category was a tie, but I have to give Boss the slight edge here. With the backing of Toro, (TTC $73.40) which has a stock price that is 4 times the stock price of Douglas (PLOW $19.43), they definitely have the financial fortitude to innovate and stay current, however Douglas has already shown that they are savvy regarding mergers and acquisitions, so who really knows how the cards may play.


(SNOWEX)  Last but certainly not least is the styling. Both brands have great styling, but I have to give this one to Snowex. The one thing I really, really like about the Snowex plows is the color and design. The gunmetal grey color is modern, sleek and a welcome change from the options of Red, Yellow, or Stainless. Additionally, the Snowex plows are constructed with high strength steel that is lighter, yet stronger than traditional steel without stressing your truck.


(TIE) if there is one thing that both Snowex and Boss are known for is there premium pricing. Both brands cater to consumers that are not necessarily concerned with price. Both brands have brand loyalty and this loyalty allows them to price their products accordingly.  However, does this added price crossover to better quality or are you paying for the name?


Snowex and Boss are closely matched, but after only one season, which was somewhat uneventful, it is hard to do an honest comparison of these two brands, however I do see a new rivalry taking shape. 


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