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11/7/2016 Dan Ellington | Category: Industry News | 22576 Views | 0 Comments |

7 Reasons Every Plowtruck Should Have Timbrens

Timbrens are an AEON rubber spring that gets progressively stiffer as they compress. They will hold up the extra weight of the snowplow, and prevent bottoming when stacking or over big bumps. If your front end bounces up and down, Timbrens might be right for you. In addition, if you have your plow lifted and you experience significant sagging, it will only get worst with snow and ice packed up on your plow blade. For example, one of our customer’s trucks would sag about 3 inches before the Timbrens and only 1 inch after the Timbren install. Timbrens are some of best products available for snow plow support.

  • InexpensiveTimbrens SES (Suspension Enhancement Systems) are relatively inexpensive especially compared to air bag systems. For about $200, you can get a set of Timbrens and turn your rig into a Plowtruck overnight. Airbags can be a pain and costly. Timbrens work extremely well as a cheap upgrade and you do not have to bother with air hoses, leaks, compressors etc.
  • They do not void the manufacturer’s warranty – Adding Timbrens to your truck does not void the manufacturer’s warranty because they are just a replacement for your OEM bump stops.
  • Other drivers – For contractors who have other people driving their trucks it’s much easier to just install Timbrens instead of an air bag system because the Timbrens don’t need to be adjusted like the air bag systems.
  • Little Effect on Ride quality – Since Timbrens only activate when you have the plow on the truck there is very little difference in your trucks ride quality when the snowplow is removed.
  • Easy Install – Most Timbrens installs are very easily with common hand tools. In a few hours, you can install a set of Timbrens and get back out on the road. Most kits are very easy to install, some do not even require tools. Even the more difficult Timbren kits can be installed in the driveway with common hand tools.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Timbrens come with a limited lifetime warranty. When a company promises a lifetime warranty, especially on a product they know will take abuse, they pretty much believe in their product enough and have tested rigorously. For vehicles subjected to exceptionally high use and service, the warranty is limited to the lesser of 5 years (from date of purchase) or 250,000 miles.
  • Prevent Sagging & Bottoming Out – Maybe the most important reason that every Plowtruck should have Timbrens is to prevent sagging and/or bottoming out. The Timbrens are not intended to carry all the extra weight of a plow, the Timbrens just help with the extreme pressure from stacking snow, or when you hit a large bump in the pavement.
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