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10/28/2016 Dan Ellington | Category: Industry News | 3400 Views | 0 Comments |

What are Snowplow Shoes Used For?

Over the years, there has been an ongoing debate in the snow removal industry as to what is the real purpose of snowplow shoes or runners as they are sometimes referred as. Snowplow shoes usually come in two styles, mushroom/circular shaped and flat L shaped. They come with different shaft sizes and lengths, but essentially, they all do the same thing. Some contractors wouldn’t think of plowing without plow shoes and others simply use them as a doorstop!

  • Snowplow shoes are perfect at helping the blade float over soft surfaces such as gravel, dirt, or grass. When the snowplow shoes are adjusted to the appropriate height the plow shoes will prevent your cutting edge from digging into the gravel driveway, which could make you lose your load of snow and/or make your blade trip and give you a nice jolt in the truck.

  • Snowplow shoes can help reduce the wear on your cutting edge. Cutting edges are expensive and can wear quickly. Having your snowplow shoes adjusted to the same height as your cutting edge can help slow down the wear on your cutting edge.

  • Snowplow shoes are easily removable so you can selectively choose to take the shoes on or off based on the type of surface you are plowing, how hard you want to scrape the pavement, or even at the request of the property owner/manager.

  • Snowplow shoes usually come standard on straight blade plows and are usually a bolt-on option for V-plows. The manufacturers most likely did this to reduce the plow weight since V-plows are inherently heavier. They usually make the shoes for the V-plow an upgrade option.


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