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Douglas Dynamics, makers of Western Products and Fisher Engineering has announced that its (7' 6" HTS/HT) snowplow and (7' 4" Suburbanite/Homesteader) snowplow are now officially approved applications for 2015 Ford F-150 trucks.

The F150 has been the most popular truck in America for decades so it’s no surprise that major snow plow manufactures like Western, Fisher, and Boss we’re all scrambling to make plows that will fit the 2015 F150 model. Back in February of this year Boss was the first to announce compatible between their plows and the new F150, possibly since both Boss and Ford have their headquarters in Michigan and have established closer ties.

As vehicle makers continually make improvements to their trucks, these upgrades sometimes make it more difficult to attach snowplows. However, Ford was thinking of plow operators when they built the new F150 saying that this setup appeals to the occasional snow plower — a farmer, a homeowner with a long driveway or a small business with a parking lot. Instead of firing up the heavy-duty, these owners can adapt a new Ford F-150 to handle the job.

Ford has taken over  1,000 orders for the Snow Plow Prep Package (just a $50 upgrade), which requires some changes to the software program via a dedicated plow switch found on the instrument panel and an extra hot wire near the driver's knee to power the plow joystick toggle. With that option loaded, customers can then take their truck to a plow dealer for additional electrical wiring and undercarriage.

Ford seems to have done its homework. As the other snowplow manufacturers design new products and features, it is likely they will find that Ford has delivered a good blank canvas and for an extra $50, it could be one of the most valuable ordering decisions you can make.

Western: “Broadening the range of our snowplows’ compatibility is an important part of keeping our customers happy,” said Doug Clark, product manager at Western Products. “We’re excited to give both personal and professional snowplow operators the option of installing WESTERN snowplows on their 2015 Ford F-150 truck.”

Fisher: “We’re proud to give our customers the flexibility of using FISHER snowplows on a wide variety of vehicles, especially the highly demanded 2015 Ford F-150,” said Andrew McArdle, CSP, senior product manager at Fisher Engineering. “Both professional and personal snowplow operators that drive 2015 Ford F-150 trucks now have the reassurance that Fisher tested and approved the use of the Homesteader and HT Series snowplows on their specific truck.”

Ford: “The new 2015 F-150 is the toughest F-150 ever, and by using more high-strength steel in its frame and advanced materials in the body, we’ve made the new truck up to 700 pounds lighter,” said Eric Peterson, Ford F-150 marketing manager. “This leads to more capability and better handling, which is exactly what you’d want for plowing. Adding a snow plow prep kit to our lineup helps ensure our customers have even more tools at their disposal to get the job done.”


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