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   Boss - Click Picture Below For Video 

Boss unveiled four new products that have already gotten people talking and waiting for next season in anticipation. This year Boss added two V-box spreaders, a Half-ton plow and a new advanced LED lighting system.

VBX3000 – The VBX3000 was specifically designed for 1,000 lbs. utility vehicles (UTV’s) like a Kubota, John Deere or Polaris. With a spreading width from 4 to 20 feet and a ¾ yard capacity this little workhorse is sure to make some fans.  The 3000 comes standard with in-cab control, a heavy-duty vinyl tarp with integrated bungee tie downs, and an auger driven conveyor system. Last but certainly not least the 3000 has stainless steel internal gears just like its older brother the VBX8000.

VBX9000 – The big boy V-Box from Boss is the VBX9000. This massive 3 yard spreader is what dreams are made of, well at least if you’re a plow driver. You can get the 9000 with either an auger or pintle chain design depending on your preference. The auger model comes standard with twin vibrators to prevent material from clogging the spinner. The vibrators are optional on the pintle chain model. Both models have standard dual halogen work lights, a super bright LED controller screen and just like its little brothers the internal drive train is all stainless steel for years of low maintenance operation.

HTX – The HTX Half-ton plow is what Boss fans with smaller trucks have been wishing for, and this year Boss granted their wish. Building on the success of the Sport Duty plows Boss has created a tough plow that will fit the popular lighter trucks out on the roads today. The HTX comes in mild steel, stainless steel or poly and comes in two sizes, 7ft and 7.5ft. Lastly the HTX features built-in mounting locations for your plow shoes and snow deflector; however those are most likely upgrades and not standard like their new Smart Light 3 lights which are standard on the HTX.

Smart Light 3 – Over the past couple of years LED lighting has exploded because of their added brightness and less amperage draw, but Boss is the first to incorporate LED’s into their plow lights. Now of course you know that LED’s only emit a fraction of the heat produced by halogen lights which leaves them more susceptible to getting covered with snow and ice. I’m not exactly sure how they did it, but somehow Boss has created an LED that will produce enough heat to prevent freezing over. The SL3 system retrofits to most Boss Smart Light 2 applications and is 100% DOT compliant. According to Boss these lights should have an 8-10 year bulb life and produces twice the light output as other lights on the market. They are also about 40% smaller than the current SL2 lights.


Fisher Engineering also released some new products at the NTEA show, but with the ushering in of some new plows, some old favorites like the X-Blade and the HD Series had to make room.

HDX – The HDX is a new and improved version of the popular stainless X-Blade. One new feature of the HDX is an articulating A-frame that allows the plow to pivot freely. This upgrade allows you to plow cleaner and get more even wear from your cutting edges.  The other key feature is the adjustable attack angle which allows you to customize your plow blade attach angle from 55, 65 or 75 degrees to accommodate different plowing surfaces and weather conditions. The HDX comes in 8’ and 9’ models with the standard Fisher trip edge, but the plow shoes are an optional upgrade.

HD2 – The new HD2 replaces the HD series plow and Fisher added some key upgrades that customers have been craving. The first key upgrade is the addition of a cutting edge standard. No more wearing down your base angle with the risk of damaging your entire moldboard now you’ll have a cutting edge on day one. The other upgrade is the addition of two extra steel reinforcements on the moldboard giving the new HD2 a total of 10 ribs compared to 8 before.

HDX/HD2 Accessories -

  1. Trip-Edge Blade Wings – Wings with a trip edge! Super cool but might be expensive.
  2. Back Drag Edge – What every Fisher guy has wanted for years!
  3. Curb Guards – The perfect upgrade to protect your plow.
  4. Adjustable Wear Shoes – Get more life from your shoes and plow.
  5. 36’’ Commercial Blade Guides – Step your blade guide game up.
  6. Rubber, Poly and Carbide Cutting Edges – The right cutting edge for any job
  7. Heavy-Duty Lift Ram – Simple…move more snow
  8. Rubber or Steel Snow Deflector – Keep the snow off your windshields
  9. Steel SnoFoil Snow Deflector – A Fisher favorite


Steel Caster – The new Steel Caster has several different models available, but the most innovative are the Stainless Steel all electric models with two independent motor just like their popular PolyCaster spreaders. The larger models have options for gas and/or hydraulic also, but only electric for the smaller models which is everyone wants because of reliability and noise reduction. Other improvements include an adjustable chute cover that allows you to target your material flow better and conserve material better. The SteelCaster is also reinforced with wrap-around welded joints for durability. The in-cab control features four standard accessory buttons, a dedicated blast button and digital self-diagnostics to alert the operator when the hopper is empty or when adjustments are needed.

       Trailblazer – Last but not least is the Fisher Trailblazer UTV plow. Before now Boss dominated the UTV market with their V-plow, but they          will have some stiff competition once these are finally released. Fortunately for Boss the Trailblazer will not be available for the 2015-16                  season.

Western - 


Western has been the industry leader for some years now and this year they are looking to retain their dominance by adding some key new products to their lineup.

Low Pro 300 – Western’s newest addition to their tailgate spreader family is the Low-Pro 300. It features a “plug ‘n’ play” design and if you hate dealing with wiring then this completely wireless electric tailgate spreader is just for you. It comes standard with a 2" receiver hitch and 7-pin plug making it easy to install on many vehicles without drilling or wiring. The wireless one-touch, on/off key fob control provides convenience and offers two spinner speeds. Western offers a wide variety of mounts for the Low Pro 300 allowing it to fit on whatever vehicle you’re using including pickup trucks, SUVs, UTVs and tractors.

Pro Flo 525 - The New Pro-Flo 525 is the newer version of the PRO FLO 2 and it holds up to 420 lbs. of bagged or bulk de-icing material. It and comes standard with combination 2" and 3-point hitch mounts.  The 525 also comes standard with two instant-start, 12-volt electric motors that power the heavy-duty auger and spinner assemblies. The 525 includes a new enhanced dual variable-speed LED control with three standard accessory buttons, a dedicated blast button and easy-to-understand digital self-diagnostics that will alert you when the spreader is empty or needs adjustments.

Pro Flo 900 – The Pro Flo 900 is exactly like the 525, the only differences are that the 900 can hold up to 720 lbs. and is available with optional 2" receiver hitch, 3-point hitch and pivot/GM pivot mounts.

Impact UTV -  Last but not least is the Western Impact UTV plow. The Impact will come in both straight blade and V-plow models with the V-plow almost certainly being the most popular. Western is trying to increase its influence by making a UTV plow and I’m sure when it finally does get released it will make a big impact.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably already heard about the combination of SnowEx and Blizzard. For diehard Blizzard guys I understand this new change is confusing, disruptive and logistically a problematic, however Douglas had to make a tough choice and SnowEx was the clear winner. In Douglas’ defense SnowEx’s branding recognition was exponentially higher than Blizzard and SnowEx was only selling salters!

You can use your existing Blizzard mountand wiring to retrofit a new SnowEx plow right onto your Western or Blizzard Fleet flex truck (With the addition of the SnowEx controller). The mounting is now simpler and only takes 3 steps to hook up, but they still use the toggle switch on the headgear like Boss. You can also now get OEM no-drill wing kits similar to all the other brands.

In reality nothing has really changed besides the name. SnowEx still has all the comparable models that Blizzard had and Blizzard parts will still be available for at least 7 years.

SnowEx has already launched their new website but you can’t view the new plows for a few weeks.

Powerplow – What was once Blizzard’s flagship plow, the Powerplow, will know be the flagship for SnowEx. The new SnowEx expandable Powerplow comes in both 8’ to 10’ just like the Western Wideout or Fisher XLS; however SnowEx now has the only 8.5’ to 11’ expandable snowplow.

Speedwing – The new SnowEx Speedwing is the Scottie Pippen of the SnowEx team. Just like its predecessor it automatically pivots when angled, but besides that and the color not much has changed here.

Heavy-Duty – The workhorse of the new SnowEx plows is the Heavy-Duty plow. Now with this model SnowEx did make some major changes. First, the flared moldboard unique to the Blizzard has been scraped for a more traditional flattop moldboard design. The other key change is in the moldboard ribs. The SnowEx HD features a horizontal angled power rib design that that gives even more durability than regular moldboards with only vertical ribs. The last significant improvement is the beefed up quadrant that should be able to taking a licking and keep on ticking.

Regular-Duty - The new SnowEx Regular Duty replaces the Blizzard LT model. The only real change here is the flared moldboard has been changed to the flattop design and of course the color to gunmetal from white.

Light-Duty  - The new SnowEx Light-Duty (Formally the Blizzard Sport Utility) has actually had some nice upgrades added. Instead of those small wimpy trip springs they use to have, the new springs are full length 2’’ coiled spring similar to most regular duty plows. The other major modernization on the Light-Duty is addition of two more vertical ribs. These extra ribs make the plow sturdier and able to take more abuse than its predecessor. Also gone are the flared wings on this model.

SnowEx UTV – The new SnowEx UTV v-plow looks to be the closer competition to the Boss UTV plows. The SnowEx UTV is supposed to lift higher than any other UTV plow and also retracts to 4’ in V-mode to accommodate common sidewalks. If both of those statements are true then the SnowEx UTV may be one of the best on the market next season.


UTV plow – Snowdogg has also joined the group of manufactures planning to try their luck with a UTV model V-plow. Just like every other Snowdogg plow the UTV plow comes in only Stainless Steel and might be the first of the new UTV’s to make it to market.


Meyer didn’t release any new plows this year at the NTEA, but I believe they still have something up their sleeves and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some new plows over the summer.

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