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11/25/2015 Dan Ellington | Category: Industry News | 3222 Views | 0 Comments |

What is #Plowlife?

You may notice in many of my posts I put the #plowlife, and recently a customer asked me what exactly #plowlife means.

At the time, I could not really give him a great answer so I thought it would be cool write a short blog to explain what I mean when I say #plowlife. Please leave your best #plowlife moment, statement or comment. Thanks!!!

  • Plowlife is being able to drive in reverse better than most people can going forward.

  • Plowlife is getting up at three in the morning during a Nor’easter and lacing up your boots for an 18-hour day right before you wake up the rooster and head out lol.

  • Plowlife is washing your plowtruck after every storm because you are only as good as your tools.

  • Plowlife is drinking a gallon of unleaded coffee and fueling up your truck with diesel as you head out in the darkness chasing that whitegold.

  • Plowlife is watching the weather forecast like a hawk in anticipation of the first real snow.

  • Plowlife is sacrificing your sleep and safety to make a living for your family.

  • Plowlife is being prepared for any possible obstacle Mothernature may try to throw at you.

  • Plowlife is running red light in a blizzard because you are the only person on the road and time is money.

  • Plowlife is stepping in the captain’s chair and navigating the urban jungle or the narrow backroads with a snow-eating monster on the front of your truck.

  • Plowlife is man vs nature vs machine in an epic battle and sometime you lose.

  • Plowlife is knowing the difference between a Uni-mount, Ultra-mount. Classic mount, RT whatever, and you can fix them all.

  • Plowlife is what we do! 

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