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2013-14 Winter Storm Names

Below is the list of 26 names that will be used this season, as well as background on each and a guide for names with multiple or difficult pronunciations.
Winter Storm Names

Atlas (AT-lus): From Greek mythology; on the losing side in the mythological war between the Titans and the Olympians, he was punished by Zeus by being forced to hold the sky on his shoulders.

Boreas (BOR-ee-us): Greek god of the cold north wind.

Cleon (CLEE-on): A Greek statesman and warrior.

Dion (DEE-on): Short for Dionysus; Greek god of wine and winemaking, among other things.

Electra: From Greek mythology; the princess of Argos.

Falco: Roman governor of Britannia (today Great Britain). 

Gemini: From Greek mythology; two of the stars in the constellation Gemini are named for mythological twins, Castor and Pollux. Also, an air sign in astrology.

Hercules: From Greek mythology; the son of Zeus, famous for his strength.

Ion (EYE-on): From the Greek word meaning “going;” introduced into English in 1834.

Janus (JEY-nus): From Roman mythology; the god of beginnings and transitions. January was named for him.

Kronos (KROH-nus): From Greek mythology; the father of Zeus. His Roman name was Saturn.

Leon (LEE-on): The Greek word meaning "lion."

Maximus: The Latin word for “greatest” or “largest.”

Nika (NEE-ka): From Greek mythology; the goddess who personified winning or victory.

Orion (oh-RYE-un): From Greek mythology; a great hunter.

Pax: Latin word for “peace.”

Quintus (KWIN-tuss): A common first name for ancient Romans, including Cicero’s younger brother.

Rex: Latin word for “king.”

Seneca (SEN-nick-uh): Roman philosopher and writer.

Titan (TIE-tan): From Greek mythology; one of the gods (the Titans) who ruled the Earth before the Olympians, led by Zeus, overthrew them.

Ulysses (you-LISS-ees): The Roman name for the hero of Homer’s epic, "The Odyssey."

Vulcan (VOL-can): From ancient Roman mythology; the god of fire.

Wiley (WHY-lee): A nickname meaning “wily” or “tricky” in Middle English (Note: there is no W in Greek or Latin).

Xenia (ZEEN-ya): An ancient Greek word signifying the concept of hospitality.

Yona (YOH-na): A word used in ancient India to designate a Greek person (the Greek letter Upsilon looks like a Y, but is the ancestor of the English letter U; the letter Y was incorporated into the Latin alphabet after Rome conquered Greece, but it was used to write words from Greek).

Zephyr (Zeffer): From Greek mythology; the god of the west wind.

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