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Timbren Suspension Kits

 Snow plowing creates a number of suspension problems for 4 x 4 trucks which are unique to the Snow Removal Industry. First and foremost is the tremendous weight added to the front end of a truck which may not be built to handle an additional 600-900 pounds of front axle weight. Additionally, many plowers carry salt spreaders or rear plows (back blades) which further complicate the suspension problem. CPW has many years of expertise with plow truck suspension aids and offers the most complete range of suspension problem solvers in the industry.

The Timbren Rubber Spring System is available for almost all 4x4 pick-ups, front and rear. They are also available for Trailers, HD trucks, etc. The kits are easy to install, taking between 30 minutes to one hour with no special tools. A maintenance free suspension add on that prevents "Bottoming Out" that can add up to 1,500 lbs. of carrying weight and yet not effect the factory ride while the plow or spreader is off. These kits are particularly useful in 88 and up GMC 4x4s because of their Torsion Bar suspension.

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