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Introducing Maxim Hydraulic Fluid

Don't get stuck in the cold with a sluggish, or frozen snowplow**.
Maxim fluid will flow freely at temperatures down to -50°C (-58°F).
In other words, your snowplow will function optimally, even in the most extreme environments.
Available in quarts, or a case (12 quarts).

Part # 410403
Maxim Oil (Gallon)

List Price: $32.12

Your Price: $22.52

Part # 410400
Maxim Oil (Quart)

List Price: $10.08

Your Price: $6.70

Part # 410401
Maxim Oil - Case (12 Quarts)

List Price: $120.96

Your Price: $75.58

Excellent for use on anything from Lift Gates, Snowplows, Loading Dock Levelers, etc.

**Ensure all fluid is flushed and replaced annually. This will prevent water and moisture buildup, which can inhibit proper snowplow function.

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