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World's Greatest Sidewalk Plow

Looking forward to shoveling this year? We didn't think so. We are proud to announce our new bi-directional snow blade that makes it easy and simple to clear your drive and sidewalk in half the time with half the effort needed for conventional shoveling.. The E-Z Blade's simple design is ideal for use at home or at your business. Simply push and it will automatically pile the snow to the side you choose. Come back for your next pass, and with a flip of the blade, the snow is pilled to the same side, or snow can be piled to the opposite side by just walking the other direction. need to change the direction of the pile in the same pass? Just turn the E-Z Blade 180° and the snow is piled to the other side.

Part # DSB
Snow Caster

List Price: $119.95

Your Price: $84.62

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