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Western 8.0' Pro Snowplow (Ultra Mount)

Part Number: WUL8.0PRO

List Price: $6,351.00


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Western 8.0' Pro Snow Plow

Western Ultra Mount Snowplows boast an Easy On/Easy Off System.

A rotating pivot bar allows the blade to give a cleaner scrape on uneven ground.

Receiver Brackets are removable during Off-Season for maximum ground clearance.

For Blade Specifications Please see the Equipment Category, under Snowplows on the Brand Specific page near the bottom.

Please Note: Everything needed to install and operate your new plow is included, except plow oil. To ensure the longevity of your new plow, use only quality plow oils which can be found Here!

Helpful Links: The following links will direct you to Optional Accessories that will compliment your new plow.

Save 10%  on any of the following options, if purchased at the time of your plow order.  Only valid at time of purchase, must be mentioned when ordering.


Snow Deflector Kits

Emergency Repair Kits

Curb Guards

Plow Wing Extensions

Snowplow Oils

Plow Carts

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